Why do people want to be more creative?

I started thinking about creativity again. On my morning run in the forest.

I have been trying because it shows what genuine desires people have. There are so many people in there who wanted to do music or write a book. “Be more creative”.

Why do people want to be more creative?

Why is there so many people out there who want to write a book or do music? Why is it so important for people to be creative? Is it because we have a hard time letting creativity into our daily lives,

I want to write a book too, but when I stop and think about it I can’t really be bothered. I think that if you want to write a book, you need:

  1. a hell of a mindset to keep you going after the first 30 pages.
  2. a sincere devotion that this is want you want to do.
  • Creativity is really tough ! Add to that if you want your book to get notised, it is even more hard work. You really have to have a good publisher who will publish your book and – make it famous.

I don’t really think that a lot of people out there are going to be able to find a niche as cool as J.K. Rowling or Dan Gillmore. I even heard that there where publishers that wouldn’t publish John Grishams first book !

Maybe it is the creative lifestyle that is so appealing ? does anyone of you ( dear readers) think about the creative things you do everyday ?

Why is creativity so important to us?

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