An undefined creativity manifesto

This is a manifesto I did the morning after the creativity workshop at Lift07 – warning, I was in flow when I did it…

  • you cannot define the “spark of creativity” – sometimes it’s there sometimes it’s not – live with it
  • creativity changes on basis of what culture you’re exposed to (and coming from)
  • your creativity would be different if you have been impacted by other people than the ones you have been impacted by, in the past.
  • if you start doing something different, your learning process will change accordingly
  • creativity is the constant interaction between
  1. the culture,
  2. the field of people
  3. the domains you roam
  4. your sweet little personal self – if you change any of these factors, the other factors will change as well
  • there’s a difference between igniting the idea, and taking the project from A-Z
  • actions speaks louder than words – be the first to have an idea and follow it through. Actually being the first is a kick! – and giving in so many ways
  • look at your processes and structure – make “having fun” your new approach to everything, if you’re not having fun and if you’re not being inspired, get out of there!
  • get out the old and make room for the new – it will come…
  • focus on “Now” !. Feel yourself. Be grounded.
  • be passive…take a shower, drive your car… feel.. listen…
  • Ask all the questions in the world, to everybody.. Comment on everything you want to, to get your own thoughts going
  • look at all your problems as a question. instead of saying ” that lady is bugging me” – turn it into “why is that lady bugging me ?”
  • wear different clothes.. new colors – screw fashion and the designocracy… feel comfortable.. inspire others…
  • get rid of stupid… stupid friends, habits, furniture, clothes… everything that is draining your life energy…
  • write down everything especially first observations.
  • be happy, open, and willing to change …

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