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Twitter vs. Jaiku – and is “what we do?” the next big thing?

So lately I have been Jaiku’ing away on my lovely N70, I really enjoy it a lot.

yesterday I found out that I could add my Twitter RSS feed to my Jaiku account

So both my contacts in both communities are covered – excellent…

I don’t know which one I would choose – I think Jaiku has the biggest potential – while twitter has the biggest hype and community. Jaiku is more open though – and more fun.. Especially since I uninstalled their client from my mobile and just sms my presence in…

But this could be the next big thing to blogging – actually I think it is…”what we do, though in our heads -instant messages that people can’t stop reading because they are texted to them instead of having them looked up on the internet or in a blog reader. Picture what you could use this for, in let’s say your microenvironment and establishing spontaneous relations over mobile as well? picture how attractive this is going to be to SPAM ?… but it’s so much more fun – I am enjoying it fully…

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