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Communities are getting used to social – what’s the next trend?

So at Lift07 there was nobody who said the word “blog” or “web 2.0” which to me is a very visible sign that “blog” and “web 2.0” is getting passé… slowly but firmly. It is not where the geeks are anymore.
Does this mean that Web 2.0 is dead ? hardly – now all the companies is starting to implement it and all the people who has been in it for the money is starting to make a lot of money.

I am finding myself moving further and further away from web 2.0. I am getting used to social. Will the cluetrain movement die ? No – but it’s gonna ride a different track.

and what a wonderful ride it is! – so what is next?

I think there is generally a “something is missing” tendency amongst the geeks.

there’s so many applications where you get the “something is missing” feeling. I would say that it’s changing from the communities on the internet. Because the communities are increasingly moving away from the internet. Want some proofs ?

If the communities are moving, it basically means that the people are moving to.

Still, there’s something missing. at Lift07 there was a lot of questions about the next tendency. I would claim that the transition from internet ( or second life) to real life is happening gradiently. So maybe there will come some day where there’s nothing missing again -and we will move on to the next tendency.

all the new cross internet/mobile/real life applications are still bound to the internet. you’re still doing the admin on the net. Even my lovely Nabaztag is administrated from the internet. I can’t acces it otherwise.

this is where the next change will happen. the movement will go airborn and away from the internet as second life. second life and real life will get closer to each other. My best bid right now people gg

Stephanie Booth is also writing some on this subject ( but with the addiction twist) here

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