Fighting something SO much bigger than ourselves

Im a girl who came home crying from school in 3rd grade because the ozone layer was going away and I was afraid that the earth would be turning into a living hell because of consumption. This article probably isn’t anything new, it’s just my reflection and call for action to other people, hoping that it will help them to do a little more…

I woke up this morning to the horrifying images and videos from a gigantic earthquake and Tsunami sweeping over Japan. It left me sitting and crying in front of the computerscreen. Im convinced that these devastating earthquakes and tsunamies are manmade and a part of the climate change we are experiencing in these years. It’s now a fact that glacier movement increasingly are causing earthquakes and tsunamies I guess Im sad and in tears because I feel like there’s no actions that I can do to prevent this. The things I am told to do by the danish government agencies is to save water and oil and try not to use as much energy. It’s putted sharply in contrast with what other people are doing around the world. I don’t want to point fingers.

I am sure that we can sit here for a couple of years yet to come and see “it” happen, before the iceberg tips and words are putted into action on a global scale. Im a democratic girl all the way, but I seriously feel that this is an issue that is so much bigger than democracy. It’s so hard to grasp because it affects us all in a timeframe that is called “the next 30- 50 years”.

This is the only ONLY time you’ll hear me say this, but in an ideal world, I think the world needs a climate dictator, superior to none. Someone who can say “ok that’s it – you ain’t getting any more oil”. We need global action, people.

If I could change the world, I would like to see that the climate was putted on the top of the list of the political global agenda, by all leaders of the world. Call me an idealist, but this is going nowhere, the leaders are meeting at COP-whatever and I am wondering how many years will go by before we see that it’s becoming back to normal – whatever normal used to be. Normal just didn’t use to be monthly catastrophes around the world and melting icebergs. I can’t put my finger on the climate status quo- but it sure isn’t this.

So how can we fight this? What is our most powerful weapon ?

I think my most powerful weapon is my action and my voice. I will not tolerate that the earth will be completely fucked up when my grandkids and great – grandkids are born. I don’t want this to be a part of my generations legacy! I want you to do more. I want you to show up. I want climate demonstrations online and offline and I want the whole of the rightminded world there. I want to shout out to my friends on the internet and say “stop what you’re doing, this is so more important, it’s about survival of the species”. I want to take these tears and these tweets, facebook updates and prayers and I want them to change what you do and how you do it. I want the whole world to jump at the same time and say – this is enough. I want legislation to tell us what we can and cannot do, if we are supposed to be here tomorrow. I don’t want to be able to choose between have an oil heated house or a solar heated house. I need to have the solar heated house to save the climate – it’s that obvious to me.  I want you to ban stuff and choices that’s not good for me!

And still I’m searching for political action on a global scale. Im trying hard to find cases of companies that are doing something really good for the climate. Im sorry guys, but I truely feel that the time of choices is over, because we’re just not choosing what’s best for us on a global scale. We need leadership and we need action. I promise you I will do whatever it takes to get us there – and I am sure you will as well.

rock on

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