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Should companies focus more on Facebook than their own site?

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This is a question that I get a lot when I speak at events and with my clients.

To what extent should companies focus their activities on Facebook instead of their own site?

I think facebook is really cool in some cases and not so cool in others… I love the fact that the interaction in there is a gamechanger for the whole internet…  But Im not fond of their ever changing terms basically saying what you can and cannot do, with your content on facebook. I think in general that terms are good and they are needed with facebook. but fx. facebooks promotion terms is not just a law to me, it’s more a creative restraint and a dictation.

So for the sake of the creative restraint and the dictation, I don’t think you should focus more on facebook than your own site. I hate when people tell me what to do, and I want the total freedom of the web and I don’t want my identity to be owned by some megacorporation in the US. To me, only to have your website on facebook would be to sell the chaos, anarchy and freedom of the internet to somebody else.

This is what I think you should do instead:

Make your site the one-stop platform for everything you:

Everything goes on there so you create more of a universe of you, than a website. This is important because we tend to hide behind the screens a bit – but a wise woman told me that I needed to burst out.. So I have around a 50 page addition on my to-do to that is going to be added along the way. Yes I am going to be full of myself here and this is where you will experience me. This is also where all the writings and videos will be. This is where you need to go to find me =)

Make social media, proactivity and other blogs your embassies:

I see my two facebook pages as embassies for, my twitter profile as well. Linkedin ? yep. Conferences ? embassies.

I see my danish blogs on and as embassies. I see my newsletter as an embassy. Comments on other blogs are embassies. Books and e-books are embassies. By that I mean that I draw people into the “country”, and give them every reason to stick around. Because I want them right here, so I can continously inspire and convert you to buy some of my stuff so I can do more cool stuff for you guys

You can also see it as you’re own personal spiderweb.

Be specific on your embassies – state what people can expect from them and what you expect from people

My personal facebook page is for all my writings – both english and danish blogposts (on you only get the english writings)

Twitter is where I interact with my underground community aka. people within my field. I know twitter is huge in the US but not so much so in Denmark or Scandinavia even. It’s more a closed club – but a very fun one.

And so on and so forth.

But it’s a spiderweb for the magical kingdom of Henriette Weber, so I can get you here and measure your traffic and give you more good stuff… a’right? is a way for you to be inspired, and for me to become better at giving you what you want from me.

rock on

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