How I plan the structure behind my workday

A lot of people asks me what I do for a living and some of them can’t seem to grasp the idea of me sitting north of Copenhagen and have a business over the computer and the phone. It’s working out fine for me, and I decided to write it down to inspire some of you out there. I love to work partly from my home and partly from the office in Copenhagen. A while back my brand mentor told me that he believed that I, in the future would be completely online. At that point I couldn’t see it happen,  but I think Im getting closer and closer to it. Anyway here’s some of my weekly tasks and how I structure around them..

Client projects – is something that happens from the office in Copenhagen or the homeoffice, Normally it’s a lot of writing and research from my side and integration meetings with clients – either face to face, over the phone or on skype.

Meetings – Because I live 45 km north of Copenhagen  (Elsinore) I plan only to go to the big city (Copenhagen that is) 2 days a week – they are normally packed with meetings and hours at the office in Copenhagen, If I spread over more than 2 days I get the feeling that Im commuting more than Im working.. and I like the intensity of packing it all up in two days and then I can focus and concentrate on client work apart from that. Works out wonderfully for me. My international clients can catch me daily on skype or IM

Publishing – I want to publish on 5 (sometimes even 6) days a week. This is important to me, because I love writing and this is where my thoughts comes out. I would love to try and publish more than once a day for a week to see how it enhances the business. I want to publish on my two danish blogs every week also. Apart from that there’s the Toothless Tiger blog and the newsletters for both Henriette Weber and Toothless Tiger. Im thinking on cutting back on some of it because it’s a massive amount of writing energy that goes into it. Every monday I plan my publishing agenda for the week.

Infrastructure in Toothless Tiger

I use basecamp and highrise from 37signals religiously. Also I am a huge fan of Evernote. I plan to start to check out Podio – it’s high on my to-do list =)

Other things I consider important

I believe in partnerships with other cool people, and I believe in locking myself in to write, and I believe in sitting in other people’s offices to get things done. I think changing the context of your work is important, as well as the structure. I set aside time for the “important but not urgent” things I want to do – so I get them done as well, as running the company.

rock on

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