Support your “local” startup scene

Right now I am sitting on the train, on my way to London and GeekNrolla – an event I also wanted to go to last year, simply because of its name (but also because of its amazing lineup + the people coming there). Tomorrow is going to be a whole day filled with startups, and who knows, maybe sometime in the near future, I will do my own? The coolest thing about being around startups is that they glow and buzz and are normally living a risky life because of a pursuit of an idea they had some point, that they decided to bring to life. Startups are where the action begins. Because of a decision to try things out and start building something that’s needed in the eyes of the team. Startups (and SME’s) are, my favorite clients because they tend to build an organization where all the hierarchical layers aren’t there, and it means that the route from thought to action is minimal. You actually get to execute things with a huge impact in no time – compared to larger companies where sometimes the outcome becomes something else than what you intended simply because of the layers and the opinions of all of the people in the company. Startups in my opinion is the coolest thing around. But they can’t do it without the support of the community – and that’s where you come in, I do my best to support the startup scene, by writing about them, by talking to them, and give them my curly-haired outsiderish views on things. I think you should do the same. why? – Because it’s really valuable for them to know that you’ve got their back – It’s really valuable for you to be inspired by their often action-packed and mad schedule for world dominion – they’re normally the coolest and quirkiest people to be around I encourage you to find 5 or 10 startups that you really like and start to follow them around on Twitter and give them some facebook love by “like”-ing them. Also, it’s super cool if you get in contact and tell them that you love what they do. I think they need to hear from all of the internets that we love how they change our perspectives and open our minds. Just a small suggestion from here =)

rock on

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