Elevator Pitch Tips From A Business Visionary

Whether you’re trying to raise capital, promote your business, or endorse yourself, it’s necessary to have an elevator pitch. Your elevator pitch needs to communicate your message quickly, accurately, and distinctly to someone who doesn’t even know you. A good elevator pitch takes planning and practice to deliver it fast, on the spot, and under […]

Entrepreneurship My Visionairy Concepts

Make Your Pitch An Entrance To Discover The World Of You

An elevator pitch is the entrance to show new people who you really are. Sometimes I think it’s interesting to look at how much “usual” that exists in innovative industries – such as entrepreneurship. So what in particular are really usual perceptions when it comes to entrepreneurship? Well, some of the perceptions I often run […]

Business Networking

Sweden: Be appreciative of the Swedish startup community

The swedish startup community rocks! Yesterday I was accepted as a part of “Teknik bubblan” a Facebook group for swedes that are into tech. I was a bit daring with adding it – mainly because I’m not a Swede and I don’t reside in Sweden. However, Helsingør (my town) is right across the ocean from […]

Social Media Trends

Twitter vs. Jaiku – and is “what we do?” the next big thing?

So lately I have been Jaiku’ing away on my lovely N70, I really enjoy it a lot. yesterday I found out that I could add my Twitter RSS feed to my Jaiku account So both my contacts in both communities are covered – excellent… I don’t know which one I would choose – I think […]