“the influencers” – your path to branding success

So in these times with the “new Facebook” I think it’s important to touch upon the influencers in this glammed-up world known as the social web. In this social web where identities are polished to be liked and adored and well.. social.

Where influencers and identities are fragments of the truth for branding success (and nowhere near the truth at all) and we tend to forget that.

Where the real conversations and phone calls and connections are sometimes forgotten because of our obsession with a Facebook feed, or a timeline, or something like that.

In this social web world – we all have influence over our network, and even though some services out there are saying that they are measuring the influence of people – they are measuring the identity of people on the social web (you know the identity that’s polished to be liked, adored and popular.)

I often see the online Henriette Weber as Norma Jean would see Marilyn Monroe. this fictional character she steps into to make her wages. This fictional character that doesn’t lie, but who just, to their own advantage leaves out stuff that is not “sharable” and doesn’t add to what we want to achieve: influence. likability. Branding success.

We all want to be treated like little kings and queens right? But the influencers (or online identities if you will) are something we all are, and they can be used to get closer to your target group. To have your target group stumble over your product and services and not the other way around as you see in business as usual.

So make sure your ecosystem is set up to support them because they live off your love (and you of theirs).

rock on

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