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Will “social creativity” apps kill the industry of ladies magazines?

Yesterday it happened. I was standing in the kiosk on Snekkersten Station waiting for the train to get to the Toothless Tiger headquarters in Copenhagen. As usual, I start browsing the ladies’ magazine aisle – looking if there was anything that could suit my need for instant inspiration. But I thought about it and I didn’t purchase anything.

The thing was that in my head there was no way that they would make me purchase anything – not because of the price or that I get bored with the glittery stories that are pedestaling certain types of women and stuff. The reason I didn’t purchase anything was that… I could get my kick somewhere else. My girlie girl inside of me is super happy with these apps+sites that give me instant inspiration and share.

Have you heard of the rise of social creativity apps? the ones where you get driven to love the stuff and send the message to your network/friends/followers on the service?

Services such as pinterest, fashiolista, tumblr and instagram?

they are super fun and if I ran a magazine I would see if I could implement it in some way. the thing is:

  • on fashiolista totally random people are my fashion editors – I collect what’s in it for me and MY style instead of trends spotted by a fashion editor as some magazine
  • on Pinterest, I get so much visual inspiration that it’s scary for me to go in there sometimes.. and I try to keep it out of my workday and save it for leisure time.
  • Tumblr is smarter than most of the other services, and it demands more of you – however, it doesn’t have the overview of most of the other services.

Instagram is your own photos that you share with your friends and peers in a constant stream. it more personal and it makes you relate more to your network. It’s like the Flickr RSS feed of your friends but in an app that you take with you… it’s brilliant =)

The thing is – it gives me a way of being a part of a community where I don’t need to speak my mind – normally on the social web – you are speaking your mind all the time – however here you can simply “back up” what other people think is cool/what they are doing.

ps. I don’t know if “social creativity” is actually the term I would use for what is happening out there, it’s the closest I could get in my morning mind today (before coffee) – it makes it so much easier for you to appear more creative and you re-send content to your contacts -it doesn’t need to be you who’s producing the content.

rock on

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