Creativity Trends

Will “social creativity” apps kill the industry of ladies magazines?

Yesterday it happened. I was standing in the kiosk on Snekkersten Station waiting for the train to get to the Toothless Tiger headquarters in Copenhagen. As usual, I start browsing the ladies’ magazine aisle – looking if there was anything that could suit my need for instant inspiration. But I thought about it and I didn’t […]

Social Media

The social network on steroids – my first thoughts on Google +

One of the things about the internet that I truly love is the fact that what one day is super hot and where people hang, is not necessarily the same scenario the day after. People are like nomads and trying out more and more services and abandoning old ones. Ah, the smell of the change […]

Business Social Media Trends

The exclusive web, the influencers and the exclusive startups

For the last couple of months is seems like the web is turning more exclusive and I don’t know what to make of it. It was only a couple of years back everybody had their own handle online and it wasn’t really resembling anything you did away from the screen – You could hide behind […]