Have you written a letter for your network lately?

A couple of times every year (sometimes only around Christmas and New Year) I take time to write a letter to all my professional peers, no matter what connection or relevance they have to me or Toothless Tiger. I write about where I am as a person, business, mother, wife, rockstar, all these things. And you know what ? it’s one of those things that makes me really happy, because people replies with where they’re at, they give me the stories of where they are and where they are going and what they dream about, it’s truely amazing.

There has been a lot of talks about blogging being dead and everything going social lately. But a simple email to people I cherish goes a long way – longer than 140 characters and statements. And I think that’s one of the things that responds really well in my head as opposed to “social”. Because social needs to be statements and interesting to get a retweet or a reply. An email about me is not smart – but it’s where I am as a person. It’s what’s matters and what I’m dreaming about. Don’t do it for business, Don’t do it for everything else, simply do it because you care and you want people to know where you are and connect with them in a way that doesn’t have to be stated. Connecting with them in a way where you allow yourself to show the good the bad and the ugly, in a personal matter. I think I send my mail out to¬† 1600 people – first the danish crowd and then the English crowd – and I am still replying to their replies.

Just sayin’ – do something, not that stated or funny. Just do a “you” letter. Non-public. Non stated. Just let it all go and write what you really want to tell them. A letter.

rock on

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