Is a “like” enough response to a love letter ?

Take your branding seriously

Sometimes when I roam facebook as research for my strategic client work, I think there’s two things I see out there that makes me sad. It’s really obvious who has decided to put a lot of money in facebook and who hasn’t. It’s also really obvious who just has decided to purchase it as an add-on and who actually cares to convert it to sales by their actions out there and not the glossiness of the facebook page. I want substance, branding, identity and involvement and sometimes facebook leaves me crying because I can’t find it there.

I can find competitions, expectations from “likers” to get 10{5efe2dfab989fd5e1401261f36f469c26e78ec7db6dd6d3e4b43ca097ae6fc54} off their purchases because they “like” something.

Expectations to get a shot at winning something or getting something for free.

I’m speechless of how bad companies are at the branding game

And sometimes I am stunned by how unserious companies are taking Facebook.
Today I almost wept because I found something as pure as a love letter to a company on Facebook. It wasn’t like a band or a cool company.

But this client poured her heart out and gave them the reason why she stood by them in thick and thin and would never change to another supplier. Their reaction? they “liked” her comment.

I say that if I was that brand, who took their branding very seriously – if somebody wrote me a love letter to my work as a huge organization, I would give them a cake. I would send them flowers – I would have my CEO do a video response – I would do anything more than a “like”. I think a “like” from the owner of a profile or a page, in a comment thread is the ultimate conversation closer unless the conversation is very active.

here are some of the scenarios where I would seize the opportunity to grow more trust and branding instead of clicking the like button.

“hey, I love your products – especially that bag looks awesome”….

you should say “yeah we love it too -fell for it at first eye-catch. it’s specially imported from Argentina where an old man called Diego has made it. he has two daughters and a sheep farm and you can see a video recorded on our recent visit there.

“here’s the reason why I will use your product always and always”…

Send them flowers or candy or chocolate – or record a happy dance of people in the office thanking her (at the same time you tell the rest of the world that you put your customers at the center of the universe – how awesome is that ?)

Does this have anything to do with Facebook really? no not at all. it’s about how to show the world you care and gaining market share because of it – even though you’re a mastodont company. Just promise me to go easy on the like button in every case.

rock on

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