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Make Your Pitch An Entrance To Discover The World Of You

An elevator pitch is the entrance to show new people who you really are. Sometimes I think it’s interesting to look at how much “usual” that exists in innovative industries – such as entrepreneurship. So what in particular are really usual perceptions when it comes to entrepreneurship? Well, some of the perceptions I often run […]

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Should you use CAPS LOCK in your online communication?

One of my absolute horrors in business, is when people use capital words to emphasize how strongly they feel about something . How wild it makes them feel. How much they want you to do something for them. I get a nervous fit everytime I see it.  To me it’s like two people standard across […]


Have you written a letter for your network lately?

A couple of times every year (sometimes only around Christmas and New Year) I take time to write a letter to all my professional peers, no matter what connection or relevance they have to me or Toothless Tiger. I write about where I am as a person, business, mother, wife, rockstar, all these things. And […]


Have you met some HUGE diluted words lately?

“let’s adore and endure each other” – taken in Hackney, London last night The world is filled with words and some are bigger than others =) Some of them are huge and some of them have become diluted. For the last couple of years, statements have become huge on the internet in a “keep calm […]