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Are You Consistently High-Fiving Yourself On Social Media?

What do you think about your branding on social media platforms? Should you like your own posts on social media as if high-fiving yourself in public? Well, I’m not going to be the one who recommends it. I think you should write a comment instead. I see a “like” as a conversation killer. Whereas, a comment […]


Is a “like” enough response to a love letter ?

Take your branding seriously Sometimes when I roam facebook as research for my strategic client work, I think there’s two things I see out there that makes me sad. It’s really obvious who has decided to put a lot of money in facebook and who hasn’t. It’s also really obvious who just has decided to […]

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Identity in a world with 800 million covergirls

This is a translation of a comment about identity I did in the Danish newspaper, Berlingske Tidende last week. You can see the original article here. Remember to call up your best friends so you know what they really feel like. I’m a person who thinks that you don’t know how they really feel if they […]