Going To Düsseldorf For ‘Shift Relays’ As A Keynote Speaker On Branding

On Friday, I’m flying to Düsseldorf to be a keynote speaker for Shift Relays. I’m going to talk about being real, branding for startups, and how they stick together. Actually, I am just going there to be a speaker but I am actually opening the program for SEO purposes. I need to have some content […]

My Visionairy Concepts

Rockbandism: Create, display your business, and then go party!

As you’re probably aware, there’s a large part of my business life that is driving on a very special fuel: rockn’roll. It’s something that I’m super happy for, especially that other people are inspired by, and are using as means for more inspiration in business and (rockn’roll) leadership. Something I wouldn’t do without, and something […]