Scream FREEDOM and start to map your process for great work

Sometimes in business you have to come to terms with what you’re actually doing and how everybody else is doing things. We need to question what we’re doing and why we are actually doing it. We need to define how we do great work, to make great work easier for us. Kind of like who the couch needs to have a small table in front of it, why the chairs around the dining room table needs to be all the same – Not that we have to change it, but just to question it is something that can make you start to wonder if you’re doing things right for yourself or wrong.

Anyway – you sometimes get fitted into these business boxes and how things are working for everybody else – generalizing people into something that might not work for them (even though it might work perfect for others).

Here’s something I know about myself and how I work at my best

I do most things handmade. Literally I try not to use the computer for that much stuff – because as much as it’s a tool, I love writing in hand – I love drawing and strategizing on paper.

  • I do naps if I am tired – oh and I work during daytime and nighttime. I’m never near my computer when my kid is home.  I think I average around 10 hours of work a day.
  • I don’t do sales, I do strategic coffee, lunches and quick phone/skype calls.
  • I don’t pitch products or sales,  I pitch ideas and perspective – rockn’rolling  while saving the world.

I see everything as content, which is key if you’re making a living off the internet.

  • I do as much offline networking as online.

I ask my network for introductions to people I want to work with.

  • I don’t do energy or business vampires.
  • I see the Toothless Tiger business process as a recipe that’s carried out perfectly, but I can’t do perfect on my own, I need complete dedication and understanding from the client as well.
  • I do a lot of newsletters, and I love when people say they think my newsletters are awesome.
  • I send flowers and cards and other cool stuff to people when I feel like it. I love doing sushi and white wine with my network.
  • I get inspired by entrepreneurial series. I’m currently in love with the Rachel Zoe Project  and Californication) (most of them you can find on youtube) – they both make me feel more.

I write important not urgent stuff everyday. Yes I love to write.  But sometimes, running a business makes it hard for me to find time to get my deep artistry flow forth. Most of the time I write an hour right after lunch.

– I work from my home, office, sofa, bed, windowframe, anywhere with my dalma-danois model dog underneath my feet.

– Oh, and if it’s important to you that I sit in an echo-y non-personal office somewhere – then I don’t want to work for you at all =).

  • I think strategic cupcakes, champagne, parties  and rockbandism, are the most crucial side of business.
  • I see everything as a process.

I think you should screw epic and go for easy.

I believe in the old saying of “let’s talk business” – nobody ever says that anymore. t’s like we’ve been lulled into a “client is king” era where we are afraid of calling things and motives their rightful names.

I know that a lot of people who are running businesses out there sometimes need to break business boxes down as well. You don’t need to do anything that doesn’t fit you. You need to focus on finding a way to prosper in business by getting rid of things that let your energy down. You don’t even need to outsource it – you just need to know that the universe has your back and that if you’re proactive and creative and bold and tell people what it is you want,  you will rock the world.

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