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The Conference Guide of Rocking Yourself Through Le Web (of Things)

Every Le Web is different from the last one. Le Web, day one, 2012 is ending in a couple of hours, and a lot of awesome things are happening here. I’ve compiled a conference guide about my observations today. Read on and learn rockers!

1. Don’t use too much of your time in the plenary rooms. Seats are mostly available in the back and you can’t really get out if you get into the first row. Btw, I often fall asleep up there because I literally can’t get out and I’m not confident enough to step over 100 people’s toes in order to get out. Instead, see if you can forget about it and watch everything interesting online later. And no, I don’t mean the product pitches where people are wearing weird costumes to generate instant viral buzz. It was cool 3 years ago when Loic le Meur dressed up as an angry bird but not anymore.

2. Instead, I suggest you hang out in the different buildings talking to everything with a pulse.

3. Checking the #leweb twitter feed manically. You’re here to network (Go on, admit it. You really are).

4. If you participate in god knows what competition where you can win a computer or a web of thing to make the draw and you have to tweet or share something, use the hashtag #pimping, because you are. (Thanks to Rachel Clarke for mentioning that to me).

5. Be the last one to leave parties. Well, at least one of the last ones. The best business building always happen at champagne o’clock

6. Approach people and hear their stories. They’ll thank you on twitter later. No, it doesn’t matter if they are from an xx country innovation institute and handing out leaflets and you are thinking, “Wow, they are being totally innovative handing out leaflets at one of the most innovative gatherings in Europe”. It doesn’t matter if they are wearing Mexican short skirts. They could be a potential network opportunity.

7. This is France, but don’t have more than 2 glasses of wine at lunch. At least I can’t. You don’t want to be pretty drunk talking to people in the afternoon (or maybe if that’s your thing, go ahead=)

8. Don’t get frantic while standing in line for 1 hour to get your badge. Instead, dance to make other people happy or do something to lower your intolerance for queues. This is Le Web. You’re lucky to be here in the first place! Who cares about the queues?

9. Yes, you do need to hold on to leave the different booths until you’ve got a business card. This insecure programmer who just studdered through a presentation of their business? He could potentially be a beneficial part of your network.

10. Make some sort of strategic map of who you want to talk to each day. It’s super important. Le Web uses for the networking but I have been checking out my guys over at Copenhagen based startup Conferize all day. Works like a charm.

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