“Return On Involvement” Made It To Mashable’s Buzzword List of 2013

Go Return on Involvement! I’m so happy to write this! I hope you feel energized and ready to get going for 2013 because I sure do.

During my Christmas and New Year break, I suddenly saw that the traffic to started to skyrocket. It’s something that always gets a business avantgardist happy. It was because the term I coined made it to Mashable’s buzzword list of 2013! Wowza!

I have been writing and preaching about “return on involvement” since 2008. So even though I can’t say it, I have directly influenced them to put that term on their buzzword list. However, I felt like it’s somewhat of an approval of my work and my Danish book, Return On Involvement. At least I pretend that it’s directly influenced by my work, and it inspires me like mad to keep going. The first thing that sprung to mind was that I have to finish the 2nd edition (and first English edition) of my book.

So what is all this Return on Involvement fuzz about?

Return on Involvement, in its original Danish form, is a book that I decided to self-publish. It is about social media, old structures, being epic, branding, rockbandism, “sorry I don’t do the mainstream-ness”.

Written by yours truly in 2009 and now on its way to being published in English for its second version. I can safely say I am channeling my inner Naomi Klein, Eric Sclosser, Kalle Lasn, and Banksy in the English version of the book.

It has a positive business outlook for the future, but it also pinpoints some huge issues that the business world, as we know, today has. And it gives suggestions on how to deal with this as a CEO or a business owner.

Can’t wait to show it to you!

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