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Are You Consistently High-Fiving Yourself On Social Media?

What do you think about your branding on social media platforms?

Should you like your own posts on social media as if high-fiving yourself in public?

Well, I’m not going to be the one who recommends it. I think you should write a comment instead. I see a “like” as a conversation killer. Whereas, a comment is a conversation-opener. You can always “like” other people’s comments when you see and asked about it. We are trying to build a business here, right?

I think most of us aren’t stating that “I like my own pages on Facebook”. It’s just something we do without thinking too much. But be careful about what message it sends.

We have the opportunity to like stuff on Facebook and most of the other social media in the blogosphere. I just think it’s something we should think more about when we do it and how, especially if you want to use your social media for branding purposes.

What makes me go off on this path? Well, this morning somebody in my network is liking most of his own updates on Facebook. It seems that we’re a part of a creative communication army that is constantly high-fiving ourselves on and around social media. It made me create this:

Why do people on Facebook like their own stuff?

I don’t know if it’s me who is wearing my good-old idealistic hat now, but I think it’s something you just don’t do. I mean, if you didn’t “like” what you are posting, then why are you posting it in the first place?

So can you like your own Facebook page?


For sure, but it might send the wrong impression. Especially if you combine it with liking all your own pieces of content too.




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