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New Beginnings in Sustainability

This is my first article here since May 2014, how I’ve missed it. It is as if I’m back to when I was still embracing new beginnings. I’ve missed the WordPress backend. I’ve missed connecting with you.  Those of you who don’t know it yet, I have been ill for almost a year and I haven’t been able to write anything anywhere with a commercial scope because it could mean business. However, there’s a lot of pictures of my lovely dog on Instagram that I have filled my time with.

Enough about that. I don’t want to talk about the lung thingy/the illness. It’s still really close to me. The good thing is I am still here and I am working again. I have scrapped the previous blog layout and I am starting over with a new design and a new scope.

Another really big thing is that I’ve decided to sell Toothless Tiger and get a job as a Senior Digital Lead at the Think Tank Sustainia. I have gotten some pretty kickass offers from cool agencies who want a curly-haired, brainy tornado in their office, but I decided to go with them. Geek Girl Magazine stays for now. New constellation coming up there though which I am totally excited about.

I hope to keep just as relevant and radical to you rockers! I have learned so much in the past year that I want to share as well, hence the new tagline.

Some people talk about the dark night of the soul. This has been the dark year of my soul and body. I have a whole list of take-aways lingering in my notebooks that are going to be analyzed and written about for your pleasure soon.

So how am I feeling? Where am I?

When everything comes to everything, I am grateful. So grateful. I live in constant amazement over life. I know I can do anything because the universe has got my back. And I am not just saying that to be completely woo-woo (much more on that word later – which I love=) but becauseā€¦ I am alive. I don’t know if this will wear off eventually and if it can. But I know that I have to make things count. I know every breath is important. I get it now.

A lot of you have watched me grow from the “beginning of my 20s”, a girl with bad english into a brand (still with a bit of bad grammar/english). A guru, some would even say. But I feel more grown-up after my year of illness. As I am turning 35 on Monday, I feel.. whole. Like myself. And I can’t wait to get started again. There are so many times I’ve thought: “Oh! That would be great for my website (”, and not be able to share it. Now is the time. Here’s to new beginnings.

Love to you all and keep rockin’ in your free world.

rock on henriette weber

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