Purpose is the best currency

We do like cold hard facts right in the business world, right? More than branding. More than purpose. it’s so interesting that we, have this urge to collect a lot of data to find security in that our actions are the right ones. Then when the data is collected – we forget about it, or write a strategy around it and put that strategy in a drawer.

I am very passionate about the environment,  sustainability and gender equality. Mostly I’ve previously expressed this passion by giving a lot of my time to be one of the editors of the amazing-now-no-longer-live “Green Girls Global” blog.  In my writing and speaking gigs, this passion came as an outcry for people to try and put purpose before profit (and if that was completely not doable, they should at least level purpose and profit).

Back in November, a report came out from CDP where they had tracked 500 companies throughout 3 years, and the results were remarkable: Companies planning for climate change are more profitable, have higher returns, and are more stable.

You can read the full report here. Via Co.EXIST

From a branding perspective, a report like this can move mountains for the individual company. Purpose before profit is really actions defining who you are as a brand. Even though it hasn’t been updated for a couple of years, I was a huge fan of Greenpeace’s guide to greener electronics. I thought it was so important initiative, especially mapping out what action electronics companies were doing to become greener – and giving consumers a clearer view on how green their electronics are.

Purpose before profit works – my awesome business rockers! So get those awesome world-changing projects going, no matter what field or company you’re working for. The universe will be all woo-woo like and reward you for your efforts to do good!

rock on

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