Branding Launching

That Old “I Should Totally Build a Brand Around This Idea” Feeling

I think it’s sad that people are so in doubt about what kind of personal or corporate brand they can be. The kind of brand that is aligned with them. A brand is something that should be closely aligned with your identity or personality. I totally get where you’re coming from. When I read some […]

Networking Social Media

How I Build my Network On Social Media

Building your network on social media is only an introduction away Have you ever thought that people, in most cases, get a whole new world of leads and strategic relationships opened up to them when they connect with someone on social media? Ah! the smell of lead generation in the morning. If we pause our […]

Business Entrepreneurship

Oh BTW, what is your exit strategy?

Picture by Luca Sartoni So I have been in Berlin for the past week – it has been a super cool experience and I have been loving every second of it (all of you who has met me down here – it has been a tremendous pleasure). However I was overhearing a talk yesterday night […]