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Sustainable transitional web apps for the future

Ben Metcalfe wrote in a tweet a couple of weeks ago that “the way that twitter currently works doesn’t scale”. I think that’s my problem too. twitter doesn’t scale, not technically, and not as a mobile community either. solely on the web – it’s great – but I want the Twitter messages on my phone without having to have my phone on mute because I receive around 300 messages from Twitter a day. is there a way to make Twitter more sustainable? my heart belongs to Jaiku these days – largely because of their new design -because as a web-based community – it’s absolutely stunning for conversation… it has everything “me” just because of the total RSS feed integration. it’s simple, functional, and impulsive. I lack the mobile integration though because my lovely Nokia n70 can’t really cope with the Jaiku mobile beta. so is there a way to make a community on web/mobile that doesn’t evolve sms’ but has the community of Twitter and “me” because of the RSS feed integration? I have proposed a talk on transitional web apps for reboot 9 – would a talk about these apps be interesting?

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