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Free rock your identity e-book

I love my work – but some things more than others. Today I feel so lucky because I get to launch my brand new e-book entitled “rock your identity”. Here. Together with the best rockers in the world. ¬†Seriously I love launching stuff and just see how things build up. Its core ingredient is a […]

Branding Business

3 1/2 ways to rock your identity and grow your business

Let’s talk a bit about the “real” business world here. In this “real” business world, a lot of people tell me that There’s no such thing as a digital part of your identity. Au contraire to my business world where the digital part of your identity is your biggest asset and is the one that […]

Branding Social Media

Should companies focus more on Facebook than their own site?

This is a question that I get a lot when I speak at events and with my clients. To what extent should companies focus their activities on Facebook instead of their own site? I think facebook is really cool in some cases and not so cool in others‚Ķ I love the fact that the interaction […]