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How do you document a new life?

It has been a while since I have written in here. I have missed it – and I have thought about closing this blog up since it has been hacked so many times I can’t count the exact number. But it has been a ventile for my life for such a long time, that I […]

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The official blogger happiness list for conferences

It’s important to keep those bloggers happy=) Me. An official blogger. I guess it doesn’t get more official than that title. I have been blogging from digital conferences for a long while but during the 3 last years, it has been as an official European blogger – running around at conferences like mad, producing content […]

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My blogging manifesto? ‘be yourself’

Reading this. I don’t like being categorized as a blogger, but hey it might work for somebody. My own  “blogging manifesto” consists of two words ” be yourself “. Blogging is about sharing the things you like, and adding questions. I think you should copy all the thoughts that makes you freeze and wonder, and spread […]