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How do you document a new life?

It has been a while since I have written in here. I have missed it – and I have thought about closing this blog up since it has been hacked so many times I can’t count the exact number. But it has been a ventile for my life for such a long time, that I […]

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What I Learned From Going On A Writing Retreat

I have wanted to go on a writing retreat for ages. Not with other people, but on my own. Simply lock me up in a house somewhere and write. When my friend Mariakaisa asked me if I wanted to tend to her farm while she and her family were on holiday, I immediately said yes. […]


Write To Maintain The Frequency Of Your Writing

One of the coolest things I have done over the past couple of months is to take my writing and my art much more seriously and look at my frequency of putting pen to paper.  It was much needed. I could find myself sitting around and waiting for the motivation to write just dawn on […]

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The official blogger happiness list for conferences

It’s important to keep those bloggers happy=) Me. An official blogger. I guess it doesn’t get more official than that title. I have been blogging from digital conferences for a long while but during the 3 last years, it has been as an official European blogger – running around at conferences like mad, producing content […]

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Should you use CAPS LOCK in your online communication?

One of my absolute horrors in business, is when people use capital words to emphasize how strongly they feel about something . How wild it makes them feel. How much they want you to do something for them. I get a nervous fit everytime I see it.  To me it’s like two people standard across […]

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Identity in a world with 800 million covergirls

This is a translation of a comment about identity I did in the Danish newspaper, Berlingske Tidende last week.¬†You can see the original article here. Remember to call up your best friends so you know what they really feel like. I’m a person who thinks that you don’t know how they really feel if they […]

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Why should every company have a blog ?

Inspired by Sigurd Rinde Today I will try to answer the question “why should every company have a blog”. Sometimes you have to ask yourself whether or not you should be using new tools in your communication. A blog is one of those new communication tools. Here are some of my observations: When you do […]

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Share my enthusiasm for creativity

A part of me is extremely creative and actionable. It’s almost like a lot of my ideas come from a huge enthusiasm for creativity that triggers creativity that again generates more enthusiasm. How awesome is that? Some days I would even say that I am inside my enthusiasm for creativity “bubble” for hours on end. […]

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My blogging manifesto? ‘be yourself’

Reading this. I don’t like being categorized as a blogger, but hey it might work for somebody. My own  “blogging manifesto” consists of two words ” be yourself “. Blogging is about sharing the things you like, and adding questions. I think you should copy all the thoughts that makes you freeze and wonder, and spread […]