YES! – You Need To SELL Your Ideas

If you want to be a writer and a personal brand, you have to be very effective in how you sell your ideas. I would recommend reading some of the writings that are on The Middle Finger Project. I love how Ash writes and I love how she simplifies business. Especially around being a writer […]

Activism Impact

The Generation With The Most Badass Legacy

This morning the tragic news in the IPCC report came in through the radio. Rockers, we are losing planet earth and faster than we thought – we need climate action and we need it now. We are already at 1 degree about industrial levels and according to the Paris Agreement, we need to stay below […]

Entrepreneurship Launching

Making A Living Off Your Passion: Baby Stepping To An Empire Of You

Making a living off your passion, is it possible? Is it even possible for ALL of US to have our passions be our main source of income? Can you make a living off of your passion and build an empire of you? Sure, we’ve been hearing a lot of stories about how a few lucky […]


Want To Be A Legacy? Here’s The Story of My Grandparents

Today is a special day for me. My grandparents have been married for 60 years, something that puts things in perspective. Something I am proud of and something that really wants me to run to the keyboard and write. What happened today reminds me of old school return on involvement; getting back from the community […]