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Hi I think you ROCK – can I get you to do stuff for me for free?

The day before yesterday it happened again. I received an email that just oozed with “no pay for a lot of work” Aka. freeloading. Aka. work for free. It didn’t mention it exactly, but the mail wanted me to do a speaking gig and they said that it was “just 20-30 mins” that I needed […]

Social Media

Now tell me again: you’re a social media expert because you call bullshit on other social media experts?

Social media experts are a hunted tribe these days. There’s not one morning where I check into my feeds where I don’t see a social media expert calling bullshit on other social media experts – defining them as the internet version of bad personal coaches. It amuses me, because it seems that these people are […]


Passion lucrating on the long tail

These days I think the internet is a true wonderland – more than it has been before. As well as we see former geeky communities has gone more mainstream, we are seeing so many people actually starting to make it into very profitable subscription based services. Two of my favorites these days are and […]

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Sustainable transitional web apps for the future

Ben Metcalfe wrote in a tweet a couple of weeks ago that “the way that twitter currently works doesn’t scale”. I think that’s my problem too. twitter doesn’t scale, not technically, and not as a mobile community either. solely on the web – it’s great – but I want the Twitter messages on my phone […]

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Communities are getting used to social – what’s the next trend?

So at Lift07 there was nobody who said the word “blog” or “web 2.0” which to me is a very visible sign that “blog” and “web 2.0” is getting passé… slowly but firmly. It is not where the geeks are anymore.Does this mean that Web 2.0 is dead ? hardly – now all the companies […]


An undefined creativity manifesto

This is a manifesto I did the morning after the creativity workshop at Lift07 – warning, I was in flow when I did it… you cannot define the “spark of creativity” – sometimes it’s there sometimes it’s not – live with it creativity changes on basis of what culture you’re exposed to (and coming from) […]

Social Media Trends

Twitter vs. Jaiku – and is “what we do?” the next big thing?

So lately I have been Jaiku’ing away on my lovely N70, I really enjoy it a lot. yesterday I found out that I could add my Twitter RSS feed to my Jaiku account So both my contacts in both communities are covered – excellent… I don’t know which one I would choose – I think […]

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creativity is “getting real” on the web

37signals published the E-book ” getting real” in 2006 – it evolves around the tasks that need to be done to make a successful web application. Now, I haven’t got that much experience in making web apps ( especially since I don’t code).. but ThomasKay was continuously telling me that I had to read it […]


why am I opposed to “women in Tech” panels

this spun from a conversation between me,Dannie Jost, David Galipeau and Laurent Haug, at an oldschool incredibly good portuguese restaurant in Lissabon, during the Shift conference.I think the way ahead for all of this, is not to do female or male events, but actually look at people as people. Individuals in Technology actually . Nothing […]

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The difference between innovation and creativity

Ah, the difference between innovation and creativity! I will only argue my point of view from a technology perspective ( hence, it is not said that it can’t be used elsewhere)… if you look up innovation on wikipedia you will see this = “the process of making improvements by introducing something new“ if you look […]