Business Launching Trends

Let me hear you say “SoLoMo”

So when I was sitting in front of the stage at le web day 2 – listening to the “money” panel – which normally is one of the Best discussions of le Web – if you Are a startup, I got that feeling again. the “omg I know now what to guide people and companies […]


Is secrecy the new digital revolution ?

I love all things underground. Just the hope of a new digital revolution makes me feel giddy). This hope was given to me by Andrew Keen two weeks ago in berlin at the next conference. Now I don’t agree with him 100% but I think anyone who is researching as much as he is and […]

Networking Trends

Algorithms that makes you smarter

So – Next11 in Berlin ended two days ago. And I am back in Elsinore, Denmark and elaborating on a bunch of stuff about the conference. One of the things I really REALLY love about my work, is that I get to go to conferences and write about  them . I think it rocks – […]

Business Trends

Am I ready for some Data Love ?

So this minute I am sitting on the early train from Copenhagen to Berlin for some Data Love. Im heading down there for some days to do some intensive product writing, and participate in Next 11. – a conference I have been to before (next09/2009 where I did a speech about rockbandism, derived from my […]

Entrepreneurship Networking

Investors + startups = Rockn’roll?

at Geeknrolla it sure was. I attended Geeknrolla in London, which was an amazing and funpacked conference for investors + startups. Seriously I can’t stretch how important it is for you as a startup/investor to be at places like this. Anyway, I personally, made the trip over to Geeknrolla for researching a new project + […]


Have you met some HUGE diluted words lately?

“let’s adore and endure each other” – taken in Hackney, London last night The world is filled with words and some are bigger than others =) Some of them are huge and some of them have become diluted. For the last couple of years, statements have become huge on the internet in a “keep calm […]