The Worst Thing For Creativity

The worst thing for creativity is NOT silence, the stillness of body or mind, nor procrastination. The worst things for creativity are: Comparing yourself to other people and thinking that they have it all while you have not-as-much. Complaining and whining, coming from a place of lack of ideas. Thinking you’re not good enough and […]


Purpose is the best currency

We do like cold hard facts right in the business world, right? More than branding. More than purpose. it’s so interesting that we, have this urge to collect a lot of data to find security in that our actions are the right ones. Then when the data is collected – we forget about it, or […]

Business Impact Sustainability

New Beginnings in Sustainability

This is my first article here since May 2014, how I’ve missed it. It is as if I’m back to when I was still embracing new beginnings. I’ve missed the WordPress backend. I’ve missed connecting with you.  Those of you who don’t know it yet, I have been ill for almost a year and I […]

Activism Substance

Buzzword Bingo won’t get you where you want to go

If buzzwords end up being something you’re using as a value, you can really move mountains within your industry. You will finally be able to show that you practice as you preach. We have seen it various times with different businesses and startups that have dared to be <insert favorite buzzword here> as a part […]

Business Entrepreneurship

How To Answer The Infamous “So What Do You Do?” Question

I think I speak for every entrepreneur on the planet when I say there’s one question we get a lot. The infamous “So what do you do?” question. It’s also something that we all try to answer to our best ability, depending on who we’re talking to. I vary my “what is it you really […]


On Being Nominated For The Danish Internet Pioneer Award 2014

The Danish Internet Pioneer Award 2014 Sometimes you go by your daily life and then suddenly, something happens. Something unexpected that sends shivers down your spine and makes you feel humble. Today was one of those days. I found out that I was nominated for the Danish Internet Pioneer Award 2014 for the “Rethink” category. […]

Social Media

Have You Defined Your Social Media Ethics?

Social media ethics is something that is left untouched by a lot of people on the internet. It’s really important and something we should have a conversation about. After all, it defines our behavior, how people see us, or if you’re into business talk: your personal brand. Ethics are not what you preach, but what […]

Business Entrepreneurship Sustainability

Web Of Things Giveaway: Are You Dreaming Of Winning A Changer Starter Kit In-Time For Christmas?

Last month, when I was at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria, I hung out a lot with Daniela Schiffer from Little did she know that I had a somewhat hidden agenda! That’s right, I’ve been snooping around. My hidden agenda was to get to try the changer starter kit out in the Nordics […]


Speak Geek and Enter!

Something happened last week. I was nominated for the Danish award “Ivækstprisen” together with editor-in-chief, Maria Fynsk Norup. I was recognized because of my work with  Geek Girl Danmark  and our startup Geek Girl Magazine. It was an extreme honour to be nominated. But what was even more extreme was the response from the network, […]

Branding Keynotes

“Don’t Be So Accessible When You’re A Public Speaker”

A couple of years back, I had a talk with a person who specialized in coaching personal brands to become a better public speaker. After a while, I found out that he was a truly great coach if you were into being a mainstream public speaker. But for me, a curly creative business avantgardist who […]